Recipe Index

vegetable coconut curry
kale caesar salad
greekish salad
roasted beets over arugula
caramelized onion, spinach and goat cheese 
sweet potato gnocchi and balsamic kale
cauliflower steak with indian spiced red pepper sauce 
butternut squash and black bean burritos
autumn roasted brussels and apples
salad nicoise
apple butternut squash soup
arugula, pear, pecan, blue cheese salad
waldorf salad

Oatmeal [and other grains]
creative bowl of oats
pecan fig oatmeal
mediterranean quinoa salad
pumpkin oatmeal
raspberry peach oatmeal
banana cherry oatmeal
breakfast quinoa
cranberry pumpkin oatmeal

tofu veggie stir fry
shrimp and grits
tempeh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce
seared sea scallops
sassy swordfish
salmon with raspberry balsamic reduction
olive tempeh burgers
egg and sweet potato bake
baked tofu

Dips, Spreads and Such
pumpkin pecan cream cheese
peanut butter pumpkin dip
tofu ricotta
almond vinaigrette

Treats, Sweets and Snacks
peanut butter banana chip fro-yo